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This is where it all starts.

Capturing vocals or musical instruments through microphones and audio interfaces. We can then manipulate the sound via software.



Here is where we treat the recorded material and apply fx to make everything sound special. We adjust levels, apply compression and FX processing to make your music and songs sound professional.



The final "gloss" to make your music and song industry ready.

achieving loudness and clarity is the goal here.

music prod.jpg

1on1 Studio CLass/Music Production

Interested in learning the exiting world of music recording and production?

we can teach you everything, from the proper use of microphones to the manipulation of sound via professional music software.

Learn how to create and record music and make it sound professional.

Jam Sessions

Wanna do something different ?

Come down with your fellow musician and enjoy a jam session in the S&P studio. 

Bring your instruments and have some fun, the best part, leave with a recording of your night!

Karaoke Nights

What better than a karaoke night in a recording studio ?

That's right, sing your favorite with your friends and get to go home with a clean and clear recording of it !

Party !

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