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S&P Sound Studio: “If you will it, it is not a dream”

Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo

Peaceful, relaxing, exciting, festive, invigorating – these are only a few of the emotional responses that music can produce in us.  Music has the power to cause emotions to well up within us.  These feelings are spellbinding and seem to surface from nowhere.  Music is an extremely versatile medium of communication; it touches our very soul and leaves its imprint on us.  It might not be possible to put into plain words or express this reaction in ordinary language.  It can only be felt.

Lay listeners may not be able to discern exactly which instruments are being played, or the key to a certain piece. Yet they have no problem appreciating the music.  An experienced listener, on the other hand, may be able to transcribe every note, but might still be at a loss to understand why the music is so intrinsically pleasing. 

Liturgical songs and scores stir the emotions and awaken intense feelings in listeners, evoking memories of family and our Jewish heritage.  As a Hazan I fashion new and innovative melodies and intertwine them with the old to elicit soulfulness, joy, and a sense of tranquility.  This music is created from the heart and fashioned by emotion.

Here at our prestigious Synagogue my goal is to preserve our Spanish and Portuguese musical heritage by recording, cataloging, and archiving our beautiful melodies for future generations to replicate and enjoy. With our new ‘state of the art’ recording studio this objective and so many others will be achieved. This studio/lounge will also welcome individuals of all ages and musical abilities, to express, deepen or discover their musical talent and love of music while relaxing in the newly renovated and revamped space.  

An enormous thank you to Marc and Nicole Ezerzer  and other amazing individuals whose generosity allowed this dream to become a reality.  

I invite you, friends, and congregants to drop by and enjoy our new “HUB.”

Contact Us

4894 St Kevin Avenue Montreal

                 Yann Simhon: 514-710-2718                   *          Reverend Hazan Benlolo: 514-892-2859

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